10 Tips to Get Your Propery Rent-Ready

Here’s your ten-point to-do list for getting your properties in tip-top shape and ready to rent.

  1. Purge: Did the last tenant leave milk in the refrigerator? A sock in the closet? Garbage under the sink? Get rid of it all. A prior tenant’s garbage is most likely not a prospective tenant’s treasure.
  2. Clean: New tenants expect they’ll be able to move in immediately so give the interior a thorough cleaning. This means the floors, walls, ceilings, counters, cabinets, appliances – everything. Professional cleaning services are available to take care of this.
  3. Keys: As a matter of security, replace all of the locks. You never know which prior tenants (or unknowing individuals) may have an old key.
  4. Yard: Weeds and overgrown lawns don’t make for good first impressions. You don’t need a palatial garden but do maintain the curb appeal of your properties with garden work and landscaping. Add color with plants.
  5. Filters: Replace the air filters and clear out the vents and while you’re at it, consider switching out reusable air filters with disposable filters since they require less maintenance.
  6. Fans: Check any ceiling fans to ensure they’re in working condition. Also take a good, strong feather duster to them.
  7. Lights: Replace dead and broken lights, however if you really want to reduce costs, swap them all out for energy-efficient light bulbs. You won’t have to replace them as often. Also give outdoor lighting a careful wipe down.
  8. Windows and doors: Dirt tends to collect easily in the crevices and screens of windows and doors. Inspect and clean them to prevent jams in the future. Clean window treatments such as curtains and blinds as well.
  9. Fixtures and hardware: Electrical outlets, faucets, towel bars, toilet paper holders, mirrors – any and all fixtures and hardware need to be inspected and replaced if needed.
  10. Paint: A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for making a place look like new. Be sure to fix any holes or tend to any damages before going away at the brush.

Credit given to the first tuesday Journal Online — P.O. Box 20069, Riverside, CA 92516.